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Farmers market Condesa

This farmer’s market is right outside our front door. We’re now kicking ourselves for going to the grocery store the other day.

We’re all settled into our apartment, which we found on Airbnb. It’s great, except one of our neighbors is a hardcore smoker and it wafts into our place. We’re in the Condesa neighborhood which we like because there are lots of trees and parks. Although, it’s pretty clear it’s for trendy, spendy, young, single people because there are tons of bars and restaurants. But there’s still good street food.


Mexico City street food


There is so much to do and see in Mexico City that it’s quite overwhelming, so we’re going to put together a short must-do list and then see what else happens. We had dinner with a friend of a friend last night who told us where to go see lucha libre for cheap on Tuesday nights, so you can bet we’re going to do that. On Sundays one of the main streets is closed to car traffic, so we’re going to sign up for EcoBici so we can take advantage of that.

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