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Casa Rosada exterior

Wow, I think this is the longest we’ve gone without updating the blog. Nothing’s wrong — just needed an internet break, I suppose. And we’ve been exploring Buenos Aires.

We’re staying in the Palermo neighborhood, which is like a city in and of itself, and spent several days just wandering around. Chris has been ramping up his new job and I spent a lot of time reading.

The best thing? We have our first visitor! Chris’s mom is spending 10 days with us. We’ve really missed our family and friends, so we’re so happy to have her here. Holly is also happy, since she brought her some new bones!


Holly with a Bone


We’ve been learning a lot about Argentinian culture and history, as well as playing lots of card games. So to catch you up on the past several days, here are some select photos:


Buenos Aires Street Art Palermo

Street art in Palermo Viejo


Dog Walker Palermo Buenos Aires

A dog walker in Palermo Viejo


Jardin Botanico Carlos Thays Buenos Aires

Sculpture in the Carlos Thays Botanical Garden


Church in Palermo

Church in Palermo


Argentinian Supreme Court

Supreme Court of Argentina


Teatro Colon Buenos Aires

Inside Buenos Aires’s Teatro Colón


Ave de Mayo Buenos Aires

Avenida de Mayo


Chris Susan Casa Rosada

Chris and his mom inside Casa Rosada, also pictured at the top of the post, where the president’s offices are


Casa Rosada interior

A salon in Casa Rosada




  1. Looks like you guys are having a great time. The photos are really cool, looks like an amazing city! Have fun, hugs all around.

    • Wish you were here!!!

  2. I am impressed! Wish I could get some time off and visit you. Sounds like everyday is a fun adventure….

    • Yes, you really should visit! Miss you lots.

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