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We made it to the cheese zone… I mean, Chile! This photo is from the cheese section of the market a couple blocks from our apartment.

It’s summer here and roughly 80 degrees in Santiago. We stick out like sore thumbs — Chris because he’s clearly Caucasian and me because my clothing is 100 times less sexy than every other woman’s. Holly is less than pleased about being back in hot weather, but we’re happy campers. We’ll be here for a few more days before heading to Valparaíso and Viña del Mar.




We’ve been wandering the streets to see the sights, eat good food, and run little errands — like getting power adapters and SIM cards. One of the things that’s exciting and humbling about travel is how getting things done is totally different. Fortunately, people are friendly and willing to help — and there are plenty of places to take a break and enjoy tasty meat sandwiches.






Chileans love Nescafe, which is what you’ll find at most places. While it’s not bad, Chris and I were hankering for some espresso. We found this espresso bar, with an actual stand-up bar, that we’ve now been to twice. Most of the staff is women, and they all wear super-tight, super-short dresses. The only female patrons I’ve noticed are also other tourists. So maybe I’m missing something here? Chris thinks so.




We’ve already been drinking plenty of wine and are excited to see more sights tomorrow! If you have any Santiago recommendations, will you please let us know?




  1. Hi Chris and Tammy, Sounds like you guys are enjoying yourselves- Love seeing your photos. Aunt Jill

    • Thanks! Hope you’re doing well!

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