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Tulum Beach 2

We woke up to the sound of rain and Holly’s snores this morning. In San Francisco, we dreaded the rain, but here it cools everything down. After it stopped, we took Holly for an early morning walk and caught the sunrise. I love the clouds here.


Sunrise Villas Tulum


What you don’t see is the ground below, which is strewn with garbage. There’s even a sign threatening a MX$10,000 fine, but it doesn’t seem to deter anyone. Part of it also seems to be that the trash bin there is sometimes overflowing in between pickups. The beaches, at least, are free of trash.

We headed over to the beach early to beat the Sunday crowds, and were rewarded with the calmest water. We just floated there for a very long time, talking about the future and reflecting on what we’ve learned.

We’ll be sharing some fun posts over the next week or two, including some of our best and worst experiences, an interview with Lisa and Brookie about how they started their new life in Costa Rica, and lessons learned from the leap. More soon.


Tulum Beach 3


Tulum Beach


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