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Dia de los Muertos La Paz

Back in action! After a week of rest for me and Chris more than fulfilling his part of “in sickness and in health,” we had a fun day.

We volunteered with the students this morning at the library and talked to them about what life in San Francisco is like, then did some skits to practice English. Was a lot of fun, followed by a tasty lunch with my pops.

Today is also Dia de los Muertos, so we went to El Teatro de la Ciudad for the celebration. There were delicious tamales oaxaqueños, live music and dancing, and lots of altars de muertos that different families set up.


Dia de los Muertos in La Paz


Dia de los Muertos in La Paz


Dia de los Muertos in La Paz


Lastly, we’ve officially been leaping for one month! Stay tuned for reflections.


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