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Production courtyard 640x480

Here is the set of the video production yesterday, taken from the upstairs terrace. You can’t quite tell, but the guy in the black shirt at six o’clock is spraying “sweat” on the “icy cold” bottle of soda. Beautiful courtyard, huh?

Today we walked more than eight kilometers, checking out different neighborhoods in Mexico City. We think we’ve found a place to live, so fingers crossed! It’s not as easy to find a short-term rental (longer-term is a different story, apparently) just by walking around. Airbnb, Home Away and Vivanuncios are the best ways to search that we’ve found, although I’m sure there are other ways.

But here is my all-time favorite yet oh-so-simple travel tip: caching Google Maps on your iPhone. We have a pay-as-you-go phone plan, so we only get internet on our phones unless there’s wifi — or if we want to pay a crazy amount. The article I linked to has instructions on how to save different views on Google Maps so you can review them while you’re on the go. #lifesaver

Finally, here are a couple shots from our walk: a very conical Christmas tree in the Zocalo and the Museo de Bellas Artes.


Mexico City zocalo


Mexico City Bellas Artes



  1. I take back what I said about your search acumen. The caching Google maps is great!

    • You can do it on your iPad!

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