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It’s #TravelTipTuesday! I know, we’ve really slacked on this. But when we saw this coffee menu today, we were inspired.

The sign’s funny, right? But it’s also a good reminder: when traveling, mind your manners. Just because you’re welcomed into a country doesn’t mean you own the place. Give respect and you’ll get respect back. Simple as that.

In other news, today’s game between the U.S. and Belgium was a roller coaster of emotion. As trite as it sounds, they left it all on the field. We enjoyed watching. Now we’re rooting for Costa Rica.

Later this evening, I’m leading a live workshop on how to take a traveling sabbatical. And this morning, I interviewed Lisa and Brookie to get their advice on how to start a business abroad and enjoy the expat life. Also working on a follow-up to my LinkedIn article talking to people who took traveling sabbaticals and what it was like to get a job afterwards. Lots of good stuff coming your way soon!

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